1.ACUPUNCTURE -needling specific points of the body, different for each condition.

2.FACIAL ACUPUNCTURE-needling specific points of the face ,this treatment is used basically for cosmetic purposes.

3.MOXIBUSTION-this is a traditional treatment,used to warm the needle or the skin in order to amplify the action of the needle,and also causes relaxation of local muscle spasm.

4.ELECTROACUPUNCTURE-this method increases the strength of the stimulation by applying a small electrical current through the needles(the patient only experiences a small sensation)

5.AURICULAR ACUPUNCTURE-needling specific points of the external ear

6.INFRARED HEATING LAMP - in combination with acupuncture it can be used to help muscle pain,joint pain,sciatica,arthritis,period pain.


In our clinic we use

-sterile stainless steel disposable needles

-sterile stainless steel disposable intradermal needles

-ear seeds

-magnetic ear pellets

-semi permanent ear needles